Friday, December 31, 2010

The Best Notes of My 2010 Saga

The curtain of 2010 is closing before us... all that has past throughout the year will only live in our memories. Before it all got washed away by the tide of time, I want to jot down the great points of my 2010 journey...

1) Started my very first blog.
2) Hike the tallest mountain in Selangor, mount Nuang for 9 hours.
3) Bought the most expensive shoe (till date) in my life.
4) Endure severe insomnia for no apparent reason. 2 hours sleep per day.
5) Pick up 2 god sisters under my wings.
6) Had the longest (10 hours) bus ride from Puchong to Singapore.
7) Tear my calf muscle during badminton warm up session.
8) Got myself a cute maid and watching it is really destressing.
9) Have loads of fun snapping with my new Canon S90 camera.
10) Ramped my persona into a drain on the last day of the year 2010.


Casendra said...

Ahahahaha seems like I am the most long winded one! Hehehehe....

Casendra said...
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Casendra said...

Aiya havent finish comment, hehe... Happy New Year and make sure you fall back to normal ZzZZZzzZZZzz state ok?? :P

LION GIRL said...

Lonewolf, I got questions for you lei:
1) 2 god sisters itu someone I know ke?
2) Ouch! That muscle thingy fully healed for your MK climb?
3) Cute maid ah? Watching cute maid ah? Watching cute maid really destressing ah? Huh?

Hey! Happy New Year 2011! May you sleep better n have a wonderful year ahead!!!

Jeff Tan said...

is this planned activity?? grr..

FaiTh said...

hahahhahaa, Jeff... that's why i say i wanna see your face when u read my post!!!! wahahhahaha. Happy New Year to you!!!!

阿葉 said...


Jeff Tan said...

yoyo... dun think keep quiet can be avoid... i am here....飄過~~~

Jeff Tan said...

Haunt you 一下。有夠白痴。